#‎SwimlikeaShark‬ ~ Today marked the start of our exciting Swim like a Shark Learn to Snorkel programme, inspired by our founder & CEO Shark Warrior Lesley Rochat at our brand new awesome AfriOceans Adventure Centre, within the TMNP Boulders Coastal park. Swim like a Shark is a pilot project emanating out of the highly succesful AfriOceans Warriors Environmental Education programme kindly sponsored by the National Lottery Board.Ten very excited and motivated young Grade 8 learners from Simonstown school, none who have dived before, will be shown the windows beneath the waves. Whilst learning how to swim and snorkel, our newest AfriOceans Warriors will learn as much as they can about sharks and the Oceans as they explore the unique kelp forests on our doorstep. Follow their story here over the next 8 weeks

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