The future of our Oceans, the life force of our planet, is under serious threat. A new era in conservation has started. A significant shift from awareness to action has begun. Time is not on our side, but the will to make a difference is.

We have experience in teaching and reaching thousands of young South African’s every year. We have been involved in a number of exciting environmental awareness and educational initiatives ranging from the release of Maxine the Shark and the tagging of wild sharks in the M-Sea Programme to our unique and innovative AfriOceans Warriors Environmental Education Programme, which aims to empower the youth to be the Voice of our Oceans.

Whether you would like the AfriOceans Education team to come to your school or organisation to share our knowledge on a range of sustainability issues like the importance of sharks, the size of your ecological footprint or the state of our rivers, or ask us to arrange an educational excursion down to the rocky shores, to a local river or need a 5 day camp on Marine Conservation, rest assured that AfriOceans is a credible, recognised leader in Environmental Education in South Africa who knows how to make education fun! All our Programmes, excursions and presentations are closely linked to the National Curriculum and your learners will be provided with all the Learning and Teaching Resources required to compliment the activity.


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