Shark Warrior Adventures was developed as a self-funding initiative of AfriOceans. As a responsible tourism initiative, at the heart of all our extraordinary adventures is our commitment to caring for the natural environment and all its wildlife, and to the economic and social empowerment of its people. It is run from our beachfront PADI Shark Warrior Adventure Centre on Seaforth beach in Simonstown, home to the iconic, but endangered African Penguin. From here we offer adventures above and below the waves such as Paddling with the Penguins, Stand up Paddling, Snorkeling with Seals, Kelp Forest Snorkel Safaris, Penguin Walks, SCUBA diving, and a number of day tours, multi-day tours, dive expeditions, photographic tours and internships. All our course and expedition leaders, and guides are highly trained conservationists, educators and adventure guides. Most importantly, our experiences have a strong conservation theme and proceeds generated by our adventures are channeled back into AfriOceans to support our work. Read more ABOUT US.