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  • Conservation Message Award, Montana Cine International Film Festival 2008;
  • Honorary Conservation Message Award;
  • Honorary Investigative Journalism Award, 32 International Wildlife Film Festival 2009;
  • Outstanding Achievement Award;
  • Conservation Message Award, Celebrate the Sea Festival 2009;
  • Best Information Film Award, Film Category A, at the 36th World Festival of Underwater Pictures 2009, AND
  • Best of Festival Award, Beneath the Waves Film Festival, 39th Benthic Ecology Meeting 2010.

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In 2007 Lesley Rochat spent 2 years researching the subject and securing an opportunity to film on a longline vessel. Lesley goes out on a limb, single-handedly, to investigate both legal shark longlining and illegal shark finning off the coast of South Africa. Armed with her camera and the passion to make a difference, she boarded a shark longline vessel for two days and captured disturbing, high quality footage of mass shark slaughter. In good journalistic style she uncovers that the threat to shark populations in South Africa lies with the local governments inadequate management and compliance of this resource. Though South Africa is a small contributor to the world slaughter of over 100 million sharks each year, Sharks in Deep Trouble is indicative of the global plight of sharks. General inertia of governments worldwide in taking responsibility for their natural resources is driving many fish species, including many shark species to extinction. The documentary was broadcast on 50/50 in South Africa to over 1 million people. It contains footage rarely seen which shocked viewers, bringing many to tears.

Director, Producer, Camera, Editor, Research, Script and Narration: Lesley Rochat. A Blue Pluse Pictures and SABC 2 Co-production.