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In 2009, 430 young South Africans hiked 8km to present a scroll to dignitaries, outlining 10 issues that are affecting the health of our oceans. They were the first AfriOceans Warriors and since then the programme has grown into a 3 year environmental education programme, proudly sponsored by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund in South Africa. The AfriOceans Warriors has emerged as a unique African tribe, which aims to assist the youth of South Africa to take ownership of their natural heritage and become leaders of awareness campaigns for Africa’s oceans. Through a curriculum linked 3-year school based programme we aim to reach a total of 170 000 learners from 170 schools along the South African coast, making this the largest marine focused environmental education initiative in the country.

The AfriOceans Warriors Scroll

The scroll highlighted 10 issues the children of Africa are concerned about:

  1. Climate change.
  2. Over fishing.
  3. Poaching.
  4. Marine pollution.
  5. Improved protection for South Africa’s sharks.
  6. Illegal fishing in our waters.
  7. Food Security and poor people.
  8. Protect our wetlands & clean our rivers.
  9. Poor management of our resources.
  10. Compliance & oversight.

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Importance of Programme

The oceans are our life support system but they, and Earth’s environment in general, are in peril: global warming combined with environmental degradation, fast-dwindling natural resources, and imminent shortages of food is forcing us into a future filled with many uncertainties for our own survival. An army of conservation warriors is urgently needed to help us win the battle against human greed, ignorance and destructive ways. Our children can be these warriors who, with the right leadership and guidance, can influence massive, positive changes in institutional, governmental and business policies. Armed with the correct knowledge and tools these young AfriOceans Warriors will take positive action, raise awareness and help save our oceans by becoming the Voice of our Oceans.

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