Dead or Alive? White sharks targeted Tsitsikamma threat Illegal Fishing Deep Freedive for Sharks

White sharks being targeted by Anglers – ongoing issue

AfriOceans was first to bring this to Mike Meyer, of DEA’s attention. Mr Meyer had just returned from a trip and was unaware of this. Later, after finding out more his side, he let us know that the ‘Special Forces’ were onto it and would be taking the necessary action to bring the perpetrators to prosecution, that we were to please lie low in reacting publicly as it might threaten the case, and all was in good hands. This was some 6 months ago and still no one has been prosecuted. In the meanwhile we have no reason not to assume that it still continues with the only difference being that the anglers have wizened up and are not being as brash as to post pictures of themselves on Face Book with an exhausted, potential half dead white shark on the beach beside them.

Chris Fallows initiated a call for help to all shark researchers and shark conservationists to rally together to help our sharks since government was failing to do anything. Richard Pearce and AfriOceans stepped forward. Richard is doing what he can to bring the issue to international attention, timing it with the 20 year anniversary of the white shark being protected in South Africa (SA was the first country to protect white sharks), while Chris, AfriOceans and a growing number of supporters continue to do what we can here in Cape Town.

Please see this link for our WANTED! DEAD or ALIVE? Campaign to which we have added this and request your support.