Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 9.20.54 PMWe are happy to offer a free copy of TEACHER HANDBOOK ON SHARKS written by our Founder and CEO, Lesley Rochat, a wonderful resource for adults and children alike.

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Sharks – powerful predators that have incited awe and fear for millions of years – are swimming straight into the classroom through this exciting teaching resource that is bound to capture the interest of teachers and learners alike!  For the Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 – 6, ages 10 -12), the 8 Chapter Teacher Handbook on Sharks provides a balance of facts and activities on a sound educational platform.

The book is divided into eight chapters each beginning with a Core Knowledge section for teachers followed by a Teacher Guide and then the activities, which can be photocopied for handouts in the classroom. Teachers will find a wealth of fascinating information about this intriguing animal and its ocean home, along with learner activities for each of the learning areas. Supported by the content, teachers help learners to form their own opinions about sharks, and to care for the biodiversity of one of the world’s greatest ecosystems. Covering the curriculum spectrum from Mathematics to Languages through to Science, Economics, Life Orientation and Technology, the content and activities are easily adapted for use in classrooms around the world.