A New Tribe is Born ~ Sharks Get more Help!
Today i flew to the City of Johannesburg to talk to 63 St. Andrews Girls about why we should protect sharks.What a privilege and an honour.to meet up with theses young girls who are shark crazy. A year ago i presented a programme to them on AfriOceans work and introduced them to sharks and today they remembered every single thing i had taught them and much more. They peppered me with questions and shared their experiences.
The pics capture a very special day and the birth of our newest AfriOceans Warriors Tribe. These young AfriOceans Warriors have raised funds towards our exciting new project, Swim like a Shark starting in January. One of them asked for my autograph and a message inside our Sharks Teacher Handbook that they each received. The next thing every single one of them wanted my autograph and a message lol eat your heart out Springboks. One said ‘It’s so nice nice to meet a real life celebrity’ haha.
 We are the new heroes. AfriOceans Warriors you Rock! A huge thank you to Caterrina Cannone for inviting AfriOceans back to your historic and beautiful school and for your very kind donation. You will be hearing a lot from our girls up North.Jawsome! So whose starting the next AfriOceans Warriors Tribe? Show us what you can do for Sharks! Head of Education Terry Corr at St Andrew’s School for Girls

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