Join us as we embark on this new exciting ‘Deep Freedive for Sharks’  Shark awareness campaign where champion Free diver Trevor Hutton, inspired by our own Shark Warrior Lesley Rochat strives to break his own freediving record which has stood since 1999. In order to support Lesley and Trevor’s efforts to gain better protection for our sharks, we are asking 5000 learners along the coast, many of them young AfriOceans Warriors, to leave their handprint on a cloth scroll which will be cut to the same length as the deepest depth Trevor Hutton will dive to. This cloth will be delivered by our AfriOceans Warriors to the Minister of Environmental Affairs, along with all the signatures collected in our supporting petition. Put your hands up for sharks. We need them alive!


So follow our journey to Durban, reduce your ecological footprint and increase your ecological handprint vwhich is symbolic of ACTION.Join us as we dive into the depths of the shark waters of the Aliwal Shoal to bring you this incredible stopry of persistence, courage and passion. One breath at a time! Read more here….

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