Why should I leave a bequest?

By leaving a bequest, you leave a living legacy.

AfriOceans is a registered non-profit organisation, governed by a highly respected board of directors: Dr Leonard Compagno, Prof Charles Griffiths, Horst Kleinschmidt, and Lesley Rochat. We have achieved considerable success in marine and shark conservation in South African since we launched our first project in 2004. A track record of conservation successes, including winning numerous international awards, has earned us a respected reputation as an organization at the forefront of marine and shark conservation in South Africa.

How do I make a bequest?

If you already have a will it is easy to add a section called a codicil which names AfriOceans Conservation Alliance as a beneficiary. A codicil is prepared and signed just like a will and can add a specific bequest.

Your bequest can take several forms, for example:

  • The balance of your estate after caring for your family and friends
  • A specific portion of the balance of your estate
  • A specific amount of money
  • An individual item that has value, such as shares or land

When drafting your will or adding a codicil, we recommend the following wording:

I (name) bequeath (the residue of my estate, or percentage of my estate, or a certain amount, etc.) to AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA), the marine conservation organisation, registration no 2003/00403/08, NPO.no. 028-637-NPO, to be used at the sole discretion of AOCA for the work of the said Organisation in South Africa.

Once you have drawn up your bequest please inform us that you have benefited AfriOceans in your will. We would greatly appreciate it as having this information helps us to plan for the future.

Contact details:

Addrress: PO Box 22436, Fish Hoek, 7975, South Africa
Email: info@aoca.org.za
Tel: +27 (0) 21 782 7590