AOCA CEO and Founding Member

Lesley Rochat 3aLesley Rochat is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Given her passion and growing concern for the ocean environment she founded AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA) in 2003. AOCA achieved major success through the Maxine, Science, Education and Awareness Programme, a unique shark conservation campaign designed by Lesley.

In 2007 she designed and established the Shark Centre based in Kalk Bay as a public place to combine shark research, education and awareness. She is an avid diver, a PADI Divemaster, and a well-published travel and environmental journalist and underwater photographer. She is the author of educational books and children’s books and the creative director and driver of numerous educational and awareness initiatives from campaigns such as the award-winning Rethink the Shark campaign, to educational programs for children. She is the founder and CEO of Shark Warrior Adventures, a self-funding initiative and responsible tourism initiative of AfriOceans.

She is the CEO of Blue Pulse Pictures, a production company she owns, which has produced many marine related documentaries, including the multi-award winning Sharks in Deep Trouble. Lesley’s efforts in marine and shark conservation are recognized internationally, as such she is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and the Ocean Artists Society, and the winner of many awards. More on Lesley.