Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, on Seaforth beach in Simonstown, is home to the iconic, but highly endangered African Penguin. It is also home to our exciting and innovative Responsible Tourism initiative, Shark Warrior Adventures where we take tourists, both international and local on transformational ocean experiences, above and below the waves. Paddling with the Penguins on stable two person sit on kayaks, Stand up Paddling, Snorkeling with Seals, Kelp Forest Snorkel Safaris, Penguin Walks and even Full Moon paddles are some of the exciting responsible tourism products that we offer. All our guides are highly trained conservationists, educators and adventure guides, as well as being trained in Basic Life support .
Most importantly, our experiences have a strong Ocean Conservation theme and proceeds generated by our adventures are channelled back into AfriOceans to support a range of programmers, like our Swim like a Shark Introduction to Swimming & Snorkeling Programme. Come down to Seaforth beach and pay us a visit.