Most people in South Africa believe that sharks are the biggest killer in our Oceans, yet it happens to be drowning. Many school going children from poor communities cannot swim as they have simply not been taught. AfriOceans is running a interactive, cohesive 10 week courses with learners as part of our AfriOceans Warriors Environmental Education Programme, proudly funded by the National Lottery of South Africa.

Our Swim like a Shark Project is an exciting innovative, hands-on intervention that teaches disadvantaged school children the set of basic swimming skills, leading into snorkelling, to be safe in the ocean and to be Sharkwise. The intention is to develop youngsters into competent snorkellers, exposing them to a window beneath the waves and encourage them to reach further and become accomplished divers, whilst becoming role models and ambassadors for our sharks and oceans.

AfriOceans is making a significant impact through our exciting ‘Swim like a Shark’ project to many communities along our coastline. Not only do we intend making our kids water safe through proper swim coaching, we educate our kids about the importance of sharks and our oceans and how to be Sharkwise.

The project has already made a substantial difference in the lives of the children we have reached and the schools that we work with. It has the potential to create a myriad of opportunities to develop swimmers where before there were none, to develop life skills and bolster self-esteem and self confidence in our most marginalized sectors of our communities, and really save lives, open doors of learning and make a significant difference in educating the next generation of Ocean Guardians. Most of all,every child that learns to swim through our Swim like a Shark project is a life saved!

The Swim like a Shark Project is a high profile social responsibility project that is attracting substantial goodwill and media exposure, which promotes learning to swim at under resourced schools, skills development, and real empowerment. It is a fantastic opportunity to partner with AfriOceans, one of South Africa‘s leading ocean conservation and environmental education non-profit organizations.