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I welcomed the challenge to create this powerful poster campaign against the shark nets (drumlines included), which line a section of our coast with two good friends Walter Bernardis and Johan Boshoff. Walter was the creative director, Johan the photographer and Trevor Hutton was support. The call to action came soon after more of our beautiful tiger sharks were killed in the nets, the indiscriminate walls of death, late 2011.

I have gone to all kinds of extreme lengths to raise awareness, but it was the first time I went totally naked, tying myself up in gill netting, to make a point as visually powerful as possible. I’ve no issues against nudity with an open minded background as a former actress and swimwear and underwear model – that part was the easiest, but tying myself up in the netting, holding my breath, and having to untie myself without panicking to resurface was the part I found the most challenging. In those moments I got a real sense of what those poor animals must feel like as they struggle, trapped and so frightened, and finally die.

I have proudly joined women who have through the ages gone naked to protest against numerous issues of concern such as in their fight against bull fighting, against war, against the fur trade, and now against the senseless slaughter of our sharks and other marine life in the Kwazulu-Natal shark nets.