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It's summer and the days in Cape Town have been seriously hot, sweltering heat waves beating down on us - global warming creeps up relentlessly. Loads of people are on the beach and in the water and it is the time of year in Cape Town that we at AfriOceans are aware of the slim risks of encountering a shark and the need to educate the public (see this link for information on being Shark Wise this summer while using beaches in Cape Town).

Every time someone is bitten by a shark it gains international attention. We at AfriOceans therefore remain committed to dispelling the myths and setting the records straight. We did it with our original award winning RETHINK THE SHARK Public Service Announcements (PSA) and now we bring to you our latest RETHINK THE SHARK PSA  which we have called 'Meet Wilson', produced by a highly talented group of final year students from the Cape Town Animation School - a very BIG THANKS to this talented team and in particular to the nephew of our Founder, Lesley Rochat, namely Andrew Mc Nally!

We love Wilson and the message he brings and sure you will love him too! Watch it a few times and each time you will discover details you never saw the first time - a truly awesome production that is sure to help us spread the word - please send the link along...


31 Comments so far:
Lesley Rochat on 10 February 2012
Just have to say a HUGE thanks again to the creative team of this production, and in particular my highly talented nephew, Andrew Mc Nally who led the project - you guys rock, you really do, every person I have showed this too absolutely loves it, loves Wilson, and loves the message. We are planning to take Wilson on a long journey with AfriOceans. With the help from creative people all over the world, beginning with Saatchi and Saatchi who created the Rethink the shark campaign for us back in 2004, we have made a huge impact on Rethinking the shark and I give thanks to all of you! This Wilson, he is just the coolest!
Angela Walker on 10 February 2012
This is a great ad - I really like it.
Jaqui Wilson on 10 February 2012
love it.. well done..
jaqui on 10 February 2012
you should have a share button for facebook to spread the word to millions..
Terry Corr on 10 February 2012
Totally Awesome. Wilson you are a legend. Well done AfriOceans.
Lesley Rochat on 10 February 2012
Please use the share button on the newsletter - thanks a mill!
Elizabeth von Hollstein on 10 February 2012
This is bright and fresh and creative...what a wonderful way to spread this it!
Alex "Sharkman" on 10 February 2012
Once again, another great PSA. Well done on such a creative idea. Watch Out World... Wilson is here!!
African Shark Eco-Charters on 10 February 2012
Well done Lesley and team. Keep up the good work.
toni on 10 February 2012
brilliant!!! totally!!
my only concern with the org is that you offered shark cage diving prizes last year which goes against the grain.
Lesley Rochat on 10 February 2012
Thanks Toni. We do not have a problem with cage diving but rather with irresponsible chumming and handling of sharks etc. For this reason we select our partners very carefully. White cage operators who operate ethically offer huge education and awareness opportunities for a species which is difficult to see otherwise.
Ann Gallacher on 10 February 2012
What a great PSA, short, sweet and right to the point! Yeah Wilson!!
Samantha Hodgson on 10 February 2012
Great ad. Its those ignorant Asians we need to educate.
Marie Levine on 10 February 2012
A great ad, and creative! Well done, Les and team!!
sari on 10 February 2012
Angie Gullan on 11 February 2012
Great job! Loved it.
WALTER BERNARDIS on 11 February 2012
kimk on 14 February 2012
Well done Team Wilson. I look forward to forthcoming shark soothing activities from Wilson.
Clint on 14 February 2012
Awesome! That is a heck of a job. We need more promotions like that. Keep it up.
Patrícia Freitas on 23 February 2012
Great job! Love it!
BCB on 23 February 2012
Well done everyone, this is absolutely brilliant!
Gina on 24 February 2012
BRILLIANT!!!!!! Really puts the "danger" into perspective!!
Jason Peters on 29 February 2012
This is wonderful Lesley... Congratulations... It's going in the March edition of Wildlife Film News!! :)
pbueub on 13 March 2012
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